Name : Black Russian Terrier
                    Origin : Russia
          Average Size : 71cm (28in)
     Average Weight : 68kg (150lbs)

 Average Life Span : 11 years
                     Group : Terrier
                    Colour : Black, Grey
        Temperament : Brave, confident 
                                   and courageous
  1. Black Russian Terriers are large dogs found in Europe and Asia.
  2. As the name suggests they are a breed of dogs belonging to the terrier family and are native to Russia
  3. They are Large sized dogs growing to an average size of 71cm and weighing around 68kg.
  4. They are very intelligent, brave, courageous, loyal, calm and confident.
  5. They need to be trained from a very early age otherwise they become very dominant.
  6. If they are not trained properly, they can become very aggressive.
  7. Though they seem aloof, they need human companionship and are known to bond very well with their families.
  8. They are excellent guard dogs which are wary of strangers and take a long time to warm up to unfamiliar people.
  9. A well-bred Black Russian Terrier shouldn’t be timid and should be rustic in appearance and not appear sculpted.
  10. They are known to be bold enough to fiercely defend their owners if they sense they are threatened or in danger.

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