Name : Insect
Scientific Name : Insecta
         Top Speed : 300cm/s (120in/s)

                    Size : 2cm (0.7in)
               Weight : 30g (1oz)
          Life Span : 2 years
  1. Insects are a group of animals found throughout the world.
  2. They are known to inhabit all parts of the world, even the water bodies on the earth.
  3. It is estimated that there are around 30 million different species of insects in the world.
  4. All these species form a very important role in the ecosystem of their natural habitat.
  5. They mostly feed on other smaller insects, decaying wood, plant matter and also decaying leaf.
  6. They are known to evolve on a continuous basis to adapt to the changing climate and environment.
  7. Most of the insects are able to walk, swim or fly.
  8. Interestingly, some of the insects have a very sophisticated colony with power hierarchy like the ants.
  9. They are also referred to as the invertebrates as they do not have a backbone.
  10. Though they do not have backbones, many of the species are protected with a hard outer shell.

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