Name : Abyssinian
                       Origin : Egypt
Distinctive Features : Silky fur and 
                                     almond shaped eyes
      Average Size (L) : 60cm (2ft)

       Average Weight : 4.5kg (10lbs)
   Average Life Span : 15 years
          Temperament : Intelligent and curious
  1. The Abyssinian Cats are one of the first wild cats to be domesticated as pets.
  2. Being among the oldest breeds, they’ve most of today’s domestic cat species as descendants.
  3. They were brought to England and the USA from Africa and domesticated.
  4. They have great hearing with large ears set on its broad head.
  5. Their mottled coat and almond shaped eyes set them apart.
  6. Though originally Silver or fawn, now they come in exotic colors like red and blue.
  7. The Abyssinian cat is said to be very active, playful and intelligent.
  8. Though great hunters, they are very loyal and obedient as well.
  9. Legend has it that the Abyssinian cat was the “Child of the Gods”.
  10. As very special animals, they were known to be worshipped on the banks of the Nile.


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