Name : Birman
                    Origin : Burma
          Average Size : 76cm (2.5ft)
     Average Weight : 8kg (18lbs)

Average Life Span : 20 years
                    Group : Semi-Longhair
                   Colour : Brown, Black, Lilac,
                                   Caramel, Chocolate
       Temperament : Intelligent, sweet 
                                  and affectionate
  1. The Birman Cats are cats believed to have originated in Myanmar (originally called Burma).
  2. They are thought to be closely related to the Burmese Cat.
  3. They belong to the group of semi-long haired cats.
  4. The Birman cats have blue eyes and bright white and brown marked coat.
  5. On an average they grow to be around 76cm and weigh around 8kg.
  6. Their average lifespan is around 20 years.
  7. The female Birman cats give birth to kittens in an average litter size of 6.
  8. They are an intelligent breed of cats showing a keen interest in their surroundings.
  9. They are gentle and playful and tend to rely on human affection and companionship.
  10. The legend has it that the Birman cats were originally the guardians of the Temple of LaoTsun.
  11. Thus they are also known as the sacred cats of Burma.



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