Kingdom : Animalia
                       Class : Mammalia
                    Family : Bovidae
     Scientific Name : Aepyceros Melampus

                         Size : 68cm - 92cm 
                                    (27 - 36in)
                    Weight : 37 - 75kg 
                                    (81.6 - 165lbs)
              Top Speed : 48km/h (30mph)
               Life Span : 12 - 15 years

                   Colour : Tan, Brown, White
              Skin Type : Fur
   Special Features : Small and slim body
                                  and curved horns
  1. Impala is an antelope species found in the southern parts of Africa.
  2. They inhabit the thick, bush-land and the Savannas.
  3. They are medium sized antelopes growing to an average size of around 68-92cm.
  4. The male impala grows horns which can sometimes be as long as 90cm!
  5. They use their horns to defend themselves from their predators and also other dominant males
  6. The female impala does not grow horns.
  7. They are very adaptable to the climatic changes and are known to change their diet according to the season.
  8. They are herbivores, mainly grazing on grass and also feed on shoots and foliage during non-availability of grass,
  9. Their natural predators are leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, lions and crocodiles.
  10. Interestingly, the impala tends to confuse its predators by jumping over 2m high and 9m far.
  11. On an average, they tend to life around 12-15 years in the wild and much longer in captivity.

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