Name : Rottweiler
     Origin : Germany
     Group : Mastiff
         Size : 68cm (27in)

    Weight : 49kg (110lbs)
Life Span : 9 years
    Colour : Black and tan or
                        black and mahogany
  1. Rottweilers are large sized dogs native to Germany.
  2. They belong to mastiff group of dogs.
  3. On an average they grow to be around 68cm long and weigh around 49kg.
  4. Their average lifespan is around 9 years.
  5. They are large and very strong dogs.
  6. Early socialization and exposure to many people makes them self-assured and steady.
  7. It is imperative to expose them to new animals and situations very early in life.
  8. They need to be trained firmly and consistently by the owner who can assert to be their leader.
  9. In absence of proper training, they have a natural tendency to assert dominance.
  10. Poor training may also make them very aggressive and destructive which can be a great threat due to their power and size.
  11. Abuse, natural guarding tendencies, poor breeding and handling and lack of early socialization are associated with their aggression.

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