1. Mongrels are mixed-breed dogs which have bred naturally and without any human intervention.
  2. Mongrels are generally sturdy and tend to have good immunity and high resistance power.
  3. Since Mongrels descend from parents of multiple breeds, it’s difficult to trace their ancestry.
  4. Mongrels are at times considered inferior to purebred dogs and are hence more affordable.
  5. Mongrels are also referred to as mutts or curs, sometimes in a derogatory sense.
  6. Mongrels come in a variety of colours, types, sizes and other physical characteristics.
  7. It is difficult to describe Mongrels as there is so much variation amongst them.
  8. They are generally healthy and sturdy dogs who don’t fall prey to illnesses often.
  9. Mongrels have their fans but usually people prefer intentional cross-breeds or purebreds over them.
  10. With proper training and care Mongrels can also be good family dogs and pets.
  11. Mongrels generally live for many years and are typically low maintenance dogs.

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