Name : Cairn Terrier
     Origin : Great Britain
         Size : 25.4cm (10in)

    Weight : 6kg (14lbs)
Life Span : 14 years
     Group : Terrier
  1. Cairn Terriers are small sized dogs, native to Great Britain.
  2. They belong to the terrier group of dogs, as the name suggests.
  3. They grow to an average size of 25.4cm and weigh just about 6kg.
  4. On an average, they live to be around 14 years old.
  5. They are intelligent, lively, strong and loyal.
  6. They are a breed of working dogs and are still used for work in some parts of Scotland.
  7. They adapt quite well with children and are therefore suitable as family dogs.
  8. Interestingly, they are known to dig after a prey-real or imagined.
  9. This could be because of their strong prey instincts, which puts them in need of comprehensive training.
  10. Sometimes they may come across as disobedient because of their willful nature.
  11. They need to be trained from a very early age through an experienced and firm owner.

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