Name : Fox Terrier
      Origin : Great Britain
          Size : 38cm (15in)

     Weight : 8kg (18lbs)
Life Span : 14 years
     Group : Terrier
  1. Fox Terriers are small sized dogs, native to Great Britain.
  2. As the name suggests, they belong to the terrier group of dogs.
  3. They are also popularly known as the Foxy.
  4. They grow to an average size of 38cm and weigh around8 kg.
  5. On an average, they live to be around 14 years old.
  6. There are two breeds that comprise the Fox Terriers- The Smooth Fox Terriers and the Wire Fox Terriers.
  7. Both these breeds were independently bred in the middle of the 19th
  8. The main difference between these breeds is their type of coat.
  9. The Smooth Fox Terriers have a smooth, flat, hard and dense coat.
  10. The coat of the Wire Fox Terrier appears to be broken with a dense, wiry texture.
  11. In some rural and farming areas, some mixed breeds, working terriers and descendent breeds are also known as Foxy.

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