Name : Border Collie
                    Origin : Great Britain
          Average Size : 50cm (20in)
     Average Weight : 20kg (45lbs)

Average Life Span : 20 years
                    Group : Herd
                   Colour : Black, White, 
                                   Brown, Red
       Temperament : Intelligent, devoted 
                                  and affectionate
  1. Border Collies are a medium breed of dogs native to Great Britain.
  2. They belong to the group of herd dogs.
  3. They grow up to an average size of 50cm and weigh around 20kg.
  4. On an average, they live to be around 20 years old.
  5. They are an extremely intelligent and well-behaved breed of dogs.
  6. They are known to have a keen desire to work closely and intensely with a trainer.
  7. Initially, they were bred to be working stock dogs but now they are popular choice of pets.
  8. They need a job to do and a lot of exercise and can be very demanding as they are energetic.
  9. Their wide range of skills and high intelligence make them great detection dogs used by the police.
  10. They need to be obedience trained from a very early age.
  11. If trained well they make for wonderful companions.

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