Name : Norwegian Forest
                    Origin : Norway
          Average Size : 122cm (48in)
     Average Weight : 10kg (22lbs)

Average Life Span : 15 years
                    Group : Longhair
                   Colour : Black, White, Fawn, 
                                   Brown, Golden
       Temperament : Intelligent, loving and
  1. Norwegian Forest cats are a large breed of longhaired cats.
  2. They have double-layered thick, long fur to keep them warm in harsh climatic conditions.
  3. They also have a thick layer of fat to insulate their body against the cold.
  4. They are native to the Scandinavian regions of Northern Europe and have adapted to the harsh climates near polar regions.
  5. They grow to an average size of 122cm and weigh around 10 kg, which is almost double the size of a normal domestic cat.
  6. On an average, they live to be around 15 years old.
  7. Initially, they were just considered to be a breed of domestic cats.
  8. From the 1900s they have been distinguished as a special breed of cats.
  9. Nowadays, they are bred for cat shows and awards.
  10. They are quite popular as household pets because of their large size, long fur and loving and gentle disposition.
  11. The Norwegian Forest cats can get to be a little lazy because of their size and weight.

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