Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Mammalia
                  Family : Herpestidae
   Scientific Name : Helogale Parvula

                      Size : 18 - 120cm (7 - 47in)
                 Weight : 0.3 - 4kg(0.7 - 8.8lbs)
           Top Speed : 32km/h (20mph)
            Life Span : 10 - 15 years

                Colour : Tan, Brown, Grey
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Long tail and 
                                docile temperament
  1. The Mongoose is a small rodent-like mammal.
  2. They are found in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe.
  3. They look quite similar to meerkats and weasels and are slightly lighter than weasels.
  4. They have a long body, short legs and small round ears.
  5. There are around 30 species of Mongoose which differ in their size and behavior.
  6. They adapt well to their habitat, some of them living on trees or partially in water.
  7. They dig burrows and live in them.
  8. The female Mongoose typically produces one litter in a year.
  9. Strangely, in the rare case that the second litter of pups is born, the first litter is lost.
  10. The male babies leave their mother at around 6 months with the female babies staying longer.
  11. Mongoose are omnivores feeding on both plant and animal matter.
  12. Interestingly, the mongoose appears to be immune to the poison of a snake.


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