Name : American Coonhound
                       Origin : North America
                       Group : Dog

       Average Size(H) : 70cm (28in)
       Average Weight : 32kg (70lbs)
   Average Life Span : 12 years

                      Colour : Black, Tan, 
                                       White, Brown
          Temperament : Easy going but loyal 
                                       and dedicated
Distinctive Features : Long ears and stong,
                                        muscular legs
  1. The American Coonhound is a large breed of domestic dog, native to North America.
  2. They were bred by crossing the Bloodhound and the Black and Tan Foxhound.
  3. They have a large muscular body with very long and strong legs.
  4. Their deep, booming barks indicate either towards-their prey or approaching danger.
  5. They are known to be very fast and have great endurance and stamina.
  6. They can easily adapt to different terrains and extreme temperatures.
  7. Originally bred to hunt in packs, they are now bred for-work and shows and competitions.
  8. American Coonhounds are sociable, intelligent, gentle, kind, loyal, independent and slightly dominant.
  9. They are dedicated workers, eager to please their master.
  10. Interestingly, they were primarily bred to chase Raccoons, hence the name Coonhound.
  11. They have an exceptional sense of smell and are known to follow scent trails.
  12. Previously, they were known to hunt larger animals like Deer and Bear etc.

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