Name : Himalayan
                    Origin : North America
          Average Size : 60cm (2ft)
     Average Weight : 4.5kg (10lbs)

Average Life Span : 14 years
                    Group : Longhair
                   Colour : Blue, Lilac,
                                  Fawn, Cream
       Temparament : Easy-going, calm 
                                    and playful
  1. The Himalayan Cats are longhaired cats, native to North America.
  2. They grow to an average size of 60cm and weigh around 4.5kg.
  3. On an average, they live to be around 14 years old.
  4. They are quite easy-going, calm and playful in nature.
  5. They are also known as the Colourpoint Persian.
  6. They are breed of cat bred initially from the Siamese cat and the Persian Cat.
  7. The Himalayan cat is known to share the characteristics of both the Siamese cat and the Persian cat.
  8. They are said to be more active than the Persian cat and more affectionate than the Siamese cat.
  9. They love human companionship and attention and have a sweet temperament.
  10. They have a rounded body with short legs, this seems to curb their jumping abilities and makes them a less active.
  11. They are very popular as household pets throughout the world.
  12. They need to be groomed and brushed regularly to prevent their long hair from knotting.

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