Name : Poodle
      Origin : France
      Group : Gun Dog

          Size : 30cm (15in)
     Weight : 30kg (66lbs)
Life Span : 16 years
  1. Poodles are a breed of dogs belonging to the group of gun dogs.
  2. They are believed to natives of France.
  3. On an average, they grow to be 30cm long and weigh around 30kg.
  4. Their average lifespan is around 16 years.
  5. They are intelligent, alert and active. They’ve been an ideal choice for performing in the circuses, worldwide.
  6. They have a keen sense of instinctual behavior especially their marking and hunting drives.
  7. They are very energetic dogs also known to get bored very easily.
  8. Poodles are very eager to please and are extremely people oriented.
  9. Interestingly, they can get quite creative about finding mischief.
  10. Poodles make wonderful watch dogs and surprisingly, do not become a one -person dog.
  11. They are very easy to train and very adaptable.
  12. They love to play ball and fetch but need adequate rest and fresh water after exercising.

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