Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Mammalia
                        Family : Bovidae
         Scientific Name : Syncerus Caffer

                       Size(L) : 1.7m - 1.8m 
                                          (67in - 71in)
                       Weight : 600kg - 907kg 
                                       (1.323lbs - 2,000lbs)
                 Top Speed : 35km/h (22mph)
                  Life Span : 15 - 22 years

                      Colour : Brown, Grey, Black
                 Skin Type : Hair
Distinctive Features : Should hump and
                                      large, curved horns
  1. The Buffalo is found in large herds across Africa especially South Africa.
  2. They are also called the African Buffalo or the Cape Buffalo.
  3. They are not very closely related to the Asian Water Buffalo.
  4. Distinctively, they have a pronounced shoulder hump and large curved horns.
  5. They are found in the swamps, floodplains, grasslands, thickets, reeds and forests of African mountains.
  6. Due to their huge size and power, they have very few natural predators.
  7. Lions, crocodiles, leopards and hyena need to hunt them in big numbers to be successful.
  8. They are herbivores feeding on grass.
  9. Their average lifespan is around 15 to 22 years.
  10. Their unpredictable nature with their size pose a severe threat to humans.
  11. They are known to attack humans and are dangerous next only to hippos and crocodiles.
  12. This is also the reason for them not being domesticated.

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