Name : American Stafford-
                                    shire Terrier
                     Origin : North America
                     Group : Mastiff
                    Colour : Black, White,
                                    Tan, Brown

          Average Size : 48cm (19in)
     Average Weight : 22kg (50lbs)
Average Life Span : 12 years
        Temperament : Dominant and stub
                                    born yet loyal
  1. The American Staffordshire Terriers are native to North America.
  2. They belong to the Mastiff family.
  3. With an average size of 48cm, they weigh around 22 kg.
  4. They may be Black, White, tan or Brown in color.
  5. The Female American Staffordshire Terrier gives birth to around 6 puppies per litter.
  6. Their average life span is around 12 years.
  7. They are known to be dominant, stubborn and yet loyal.
  8. They can be courageous, very attentive and extremely devoted to their owners.
  9. It is best to train them as early as 8-10 weeks of age.
  10. Their incredible attentiveness makes them pick up good as well as bad habits really quickly.
  11. They need to be trained to socialize from a very early age to avoid aggressiveness.
  12. Positive Reinforcement Training really works wonders with this breed.

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