Name : Pug
     Origin : China
     Group : Mastiff

         Size : 28cm (11in)
    Weight : 8kg (18lbs)
Life Span : 14 years
  1. Pugs are small sized dogs that are native to China.
  2. They belong to the mastiff family.
  3. On an average, they grow to be around 28 cm in height and weigh around 8kg
  4. Their average lifespan is around 14 years.
  5. Pugs are very sociable dogs.
  6. Though stubborn about certain things, they are known to succeed in dog obedience skills.
  7. Interestingly, they are known as the comedians of the dog world.
  8. Their stern expression belies their true sense of fun.
  9. They are very playful, charming, attentive and clever.
  10. Though, they get along well with other pets and dogs they prefer the company of human beings the most.
  11. They thrive on human affection and are very often seen following their owners and sitting on their laps.
  12. They are incredibly sensitive to the tone of human voice, rendering harsh punishments unnecessary.

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