Name : Blue Lacy Dog
                    Origin : North America
          Average Size : 63cm (25in)
     Average Weight : 23kg (50lbs)

Average Life Span : 16 Years
                    Group : Herd
                   Colour : Blue, Grey, White,
                                   Tan, Brown, 
                                   Green, Fawn
       Temperament : Intellignt, active 
                                  and alert
  1. Blue lacy dogs are medium sized dogs that have originated in Texas, North America, in the middle of 1800s.
  2. They are a breed of working dogs belonging to the herd group.
  3. On an average they grow to be around 63cm and weigh around 23kg.
  4. They live to be around 16 years old, on an average.
  5. They have an incredible drive and determination to work and are always alert.
  6. They are intelligent, intense, active, Bold and tough.
  7. They are known to have enough grit to stop big game and control difficult livestock.
  8. They are wary of strangers and are known to be naturally protective.
  9. They are a working breed which need to be at job most times.
  10. They excel traditionally, at hunting wild hogs, running trap lines and herding livestock.
  11. Traditional work may be substituted through modern activities involving agility, intelligence, speed, passion and nimbleness.
  12. They need to be trained from an early age otherwise they are known to become adamant.

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