Name : Maine Coon
                     Origin : North America
          Average Size : 122cm (48in)
     Average Weight : 12kg (25lbs)

 Average Life Span : 12 years
                    Colour : Blue, Lilac, Cream,
                                    Fawn, Brown, Black,
        Temperament : Intelligent, loving and 
  1. Maine Coons are extremely large sized cats, which have their native in Maine, North America.
  2. They grow to an average size of 122cm and weigh around 12kg.
  3. The most probable reason for their huge size is the fact that their ancestors are large wild cats.
  4. On an average, they live to be around 12 years old.
  5. It is believed that they have been derived from a wild cat and not from a domestic cat breed.
  6. According to the folklore, Maine coons are actually, half cats and half raccoons.
  7. Maine coons are very closely related to the North American Bobcats.
  8. They are longhaired breed of cats with long fur.
  9. Despite this, there are Maine coons found in Europe with shorter hair: they are related to wild farm cats in Europe.
  10. They are an extremely popular choice as household pets due to their calm and gentle nature.
  11. Their large size and beautiful silky fur also makes them very attractive.
  12. They are quite intelligent and affectionate and are known to get along well with humans and other animals.

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