Name : Newfoundland
      Origin : Canada
          Size : 71cm (28in)

     Weight : 60kg (130lbs)
Life Span : 10 years
     Group : Working Dog
  1. Newfoundland dogs are a large species of dogs that are native to Canadian Island Newfoundland.
  2. They belong to the group of working dogs and are one of the strongest breed on the earth.
  3. They grow to an average size of around 71cm and weigh around 60kg.
  4. On an average, they live to be around 10 years old.
  5. They are best known for their huge size and exceptional strength.
  6. They are also known to have natural water rescue tendencies and excel at it.
  7. They are supported by their sheer strength, webbed feet and of course their excellent swimming abilities.
  8. They are very intelligent, courageous, loving and patient dogs
  9. They are loyal and have a sweet, loving disposition which makes them really good with children.
  10. Though they are generally calm with strangers, they are wary of people with questionable intention.
  11. This paired with their size and loud bark, makes them great as guard dogs.
  12. They need to be groomed very often and at least once a week.

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