Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Felidae
  Scientific Name : Panthera Tigris 

                      Size : 2.3m - 2.8m (7.5ft - 9ft)
                 Weight : 100kg - 195kg
                                  (221lbs - 430lbs)
           Top Speed : 96km/h (60mph)
            Life Span : 18 - 25 Years

                Colour : Orange, Black, White
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Striped fur and powerful
  1. South China Tigers are one of the smallest species of tigers found in the Southern Chinese forests.
  2. They are also known as the Xiamen Tigers or Chinese tigers or the Amoy.
  3. They inhabit the mountainous borders and the temperate upland forests in South China,
  4. Their small size helps them move easily in the dense jungles.
  5. They are the third smallest species of tiger after the Sumatran and the Malayan tigers.
  6. South China Tigers are excellent swimmers and are able to catch their prey in water if they are faster than the prey.
  7. They are dominant predators in their environment and are known to stalk their prey till they catch them off guard.
  8. They hunt and prey on cattle, deer, goats, wild boar and other large mammals.
  9. Since they are apex predators, they do not have any natural predators, though humans have hunted them
  10. They female south China Tigers give birth to 1-5 cubs after a 3-4-month gestation.
  11. The cubs are born blind and are dependent on their mother for the first 18 months.
  12. They are one of the 10 most endangered animals in the world today as there are less than 20 individuals in the wild today.


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