Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Mammalia
                        Family : Macroscelididae
         Scientific Name : Elephantulus

                        Size(L) : 10cm - 30cm 
                                         (4in - 12in)
                        Weight : 50g - 500g 
                                         (2oz - 18oz)
                  Top Speed : 13km/h (8mph)
                   Life Span : 2 - 5 years

                       Colour : Black, Brown, Grey, 
                                        White, Tan
                  Skin Type : Fur
 Distinctive Features : Long nose and
                                      long back legs
  1. The Elephant Shrews are small-sized mammals found exclusively in Africa.
  2. They are also called the jumping Shrew as they are able to hop like rabbits using their long back legs.
  3. They inhabit the African Jungles, forests, grasslands and dense woodlands.
  4. There are around 20 species of elephant shrew varying in color and size.
  5. Though they look similar and are named so, they are not directly related to the other shrews.
  6. They are very active and are known to hunt throughout the day.
  7. They are known to be very wary and tend to camouflage themselves very well.
  8. They are also able to escape their predators quickly through the pathways that they make in the undergrowth.
  9. Their diet entirely comprises of insects and they are therefore called insectivores.
  10. Their natural predators include snakes, lizards, birds of prey and other omnivorous mammals.
  11. The female elephant shrews give birth to more than 1 litter per year after a 1-2-month long gestation.
  12. Though the baby elephant shrews are well developed when born, they remain in the nest for the first few days.

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