Name : Alaskan Malamute
                      Origin : North America
                      Group : Dog

      Average Size(H) : 63cm (25in)
      Average Weight : 38kg (85lbs)
  Average Life Span : 14 years

                      Colour : White, Black, Grey
          Temperament : Affectionate, friendly 
                                      and loyal
Distinctive Features : Pointed face and 
                                      upturned tail
  1. The Alaskan Malamute is a popular working breed of dog.
  2. They were bred to pull heavy loads and assist in hunting in freezing conditions.
  3. They are large, wolf-like dogs originating from domestic dog breeds.
  4. They have a strong, broad and a heavily boned body.
  5. They have thick, double coat, water-resistant fur to keep them warm and dry.
  6. They may be red, black or grey in color with distinctive white markings.
  7. They are an intelligent breed of dogs needing constant mental and physical stimulation.
  8. They are affectionate, friendly and loyal and need to assert themselves as the leaders.
  9. Though, initially they are slow to train, the Alaskan Malamutes are capable workers.
  10. There are a large variety of Alaskan malamutes with slight variations according to the region.
  11. They are not fast racers and move long distances at their own pace.
  12. They don’t make for great watch dogs because of their affectionate nature.
  13. Sometimes, they may not comply with their owner’s command.

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