Kingdom : Animalia
                        Class : Myriapoda
      Scientific Name : Chilopoda
                          Size : 3 - 300mm (0.1 - 11in)

 Average Life Span : 5 yaers
                    Colour : Yellow, Black, Orange,
                                     Red, White, Brown
               Skin Type : Shell
    Special Features : Long body shape and 
                                     venomous fangs
  1. Centipedes are one of the oldest animals on earth which evolved millions of years ago.
  2. They are speedy invertebrates found around the world, including the Arctic circle.
  3. They mostly inhabit damp environment and avoid hot and dry desert regions.
  4. There are around 8000 species of centipedes.
  5. Despite their names they don’t have 100 legs, they may have around 15-30 pairs of legs.
  6. The distinctive claws in their first body segment makes them a dominant predator.
  7. Centipedes are known to have venom which kills their prey.
  8. Their bite is painful to humans but not poisonous or fatal.
  9. Their size varies from a few millimeters to 30 cm depending on the species.
  10. They are carnivores preying mostly on insects, spiders and earthworms.
  11. They have numerous predators in birds, toads, frogs, shrews and mice.
  12. Females centipedes lay around 60 eggs coated in a sticky substance for protection.
  13. Only a few species are known to nurse their eggs and babies.


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