Name : Eskimo Dog
       Origin : Canada
           Size : 68cm (27in)

      Weight : 47kg (105lbs)
 Life Span : 14 years
      Group : North
  1. Eskimo Dogs are large-sized dogs, native to Canada.
  2. They grow to an average size of 68cm and weigh around 47kg.
  3. On an average, they live to be around 14 years old.
  4. Like most spits breed, they are quite vocal.
  5. They are loyal, tough, brave, intelligent and very alert.
  6. They are extremely gentle and affectionate with their owners.
  7. They are intensely loyal and tend to bond deeply with their owners.
  8. Their temperament reflects their original natural environment and their original work.
  9. They were initially used a sled dogs for transportation of goods.
  10. Often, they were required to hunt for their own food while working.
  11. Which meant that many of them still have a strong prey drive.
  12. They prefer and enjoy the cold weather, and are often known to sleep outside in cold.
  13. They make ideal companions to adults but not children because of the over-excitable nature.

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