Name : Russian Blue
                       Origin : Russia
            Average Size : 60cm (2ft)
      Average Weight : 4.5kg (10lbs)

  Average Life Span : 14 years
                      Group : Shorthair
                     Colour : Lilac, Blue
         Temperament : Independent, easy
                                      -going and loyal
  1. Russian Blue Cats are a species of shorthaired cats that are native to Russia.
  2. They are believed to have their origin in the Russian Port of Arkhangelsk.
  3. They were introduced to the United Kingdom in the 1800s and have been domestically bred since then.
  4. They get their name from having a blue/silver coat.
  5. They grow to an average size of 60cm and weigh around 4.5kg.
  6. On an average, they live to be around 14 years old.
  7. They are also known as the Archangel Blue cat.
  8. They are very intelligent and are easy to train.
  9. Though they are generally playful, they grow a little timid around strangers.
  10. They are known to grow really close to their human companions.
  11. They are an extremely sought-after breed of domestic cats as they have a charming personality and a unique coat.
  12. Their long, slender body is covered in short fur which is double coated to protect them from harsh, cold climate.
  13. They are also one of the few domestic cat breeds that do not carry genetic faults and are not prone to illness.

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