Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Mammalia
                        Family : Felidae
         Scientific Name : Felis Concolor

                       Size(L) : 1.5m - 2.75m
                                        ( 5ft - 9ft)
                       Weight : 29kg - 90kg 
                                        ( 64lbs - 198lbs)
                 Top Speed : 45km/h (30mph)
                  Life Span : 10 - 20 years

                      Colour : Tan, Black, Brown
                 Skin Type : Fur
Distinctive Features : Powerful forearms 
                                      and paws and 
                                       muscular jaw
  1. The Cougars are native to South America and Western-North America.
  2. They are also referred to as the Mountain Lions, Pumas or Panthers.
  3. They mainly inhabit the mountainous regions of Canada and Mexico.
  4. They are the fourth biggest felines after the lions, tigers and Jaguars.
  5. On an average, they may grow between 1.5m and 2.75m in length.
  6. There are presently 5 species of Cougar found in the Americas.
  7. They have a long, heavy body and their back legs are longer than the front legs.
  8. They may be tan, black or brown in color.
  9. Incredibly, they may jump up to 30ft high.
  10. They prey on large animals like moose, deer, elk and stray wolves.
  11. They also have the ability to survive without food for long periods of time.
  12. Their average lifespan is around 20 years.
  13. They generally mate and reproduce during the spring season.

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