Name : American Pit 
                                      Bull Terrier
                     Origin : North America
                     Group : Dog

     Average Size(L) : 55cm (22in)
     Average Weight : 36kg (80lbs)
Average Life Span : 12 years

                       Type : Mastiff
                   Colour : Black, White,
                                   Tan, Brown
         Temperment : Stubborn yet obedient
  1. The American Pitt Bull Terrier are large terriers native to North America.
  2. They belong to the Mastiff family.
  3. With an average size of 55cm, they weigh around 36 kg.
  4. Distinctively, they have small and sharply pointed ears.
  5. They may be Black, White, Tan or Brown in color.
  6. The average litter size of an American Pitt Bull is around 8 puppies.
  7. On an average, they live to be around 12 years old.
  8. They are strong-willed, loyal, sturdy and friendly.
  9. Though obedient, they can sometimes become very stubborn and aggressive.
  10. They can be really hard to train and need firm, early training.
  11. They need to have a stable and dependable temperament.
  12. They need to be exercised a lot to keep them from getting bored and destructive.
  13. They are known to be accountable for a majority of fatalities in the USA.


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