Name : Bull terrier
                Origin : Great Britain
      Average Size : 56cm (22in)
Average Weight : 28kg (62lbs)

                Group : Mastiff
               Colour : Black, Brown,
                               Tan, White
    Temperament : Friendly and alert
                                but stubborn
  1. Bull Terriers are medium sized dogs, native to Great Britain.
  2. They belong to the Mastiff family of dogs.
  3. They grow to an average size of 56cm and weigh around 28kg.
  4. On an average they live to be around 15 years old.
  5. They may be black. Brown, tan or white in color.
  6. They are known to be friendly and alert but stubborn.
  7. They are very strong, powerful and intelligent.
  8. Though they make reliable pet dogs, they are not ideal for first-time dog owners.
  9. They enjoy human company and are known to be extremely good with children.
  10. Their high pain threshold reduces the risk of injury from a defensive bite.
  11. They are excellent guard dogs as they are fearless, they are also protective towards children.
  12. Though they are good with children, parental supervision is necessary as they may inadvertently cause them injury.
  13. They need to be trained from a very early age because of their independent nature.

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