Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Felidae
  Scientific Name : Panthera Tigris Jacksoni

                      Size : 2m - 2.4m (6.5ft - 7.8ft)
                 Weight :  150kg 80kg -
                                     (176lbs - 330lbs)
           Top Speed : 96km/h (60mph)
            Life Span : 18 - 25 years

                Colour : Orange, Black, White
           Skin Type : Fur
Special Features : Striped fur and 
                                 powerful body
  1. Malayan tigers are smaller subspecies of tigers found in Malaysia and Thailand.
  2. They inhabit the less dense forests and jungles where plenty of food supply is there.
  3. Along with the Sumatran Tiger, the Malayan Tiger is the smallest species of tiger in the world.
  4. They grow to an average length of around 2m.
  5. They were initially thought to be the same as Indochinese tigers but were later classified as a separate species.
  6. The smaller size of the Malayan tiger helps them go unnoticed in the low density of such forests.
  7. They are dominant predators and stalk and hunt their prey.
  8. They prey on larger mammals like deer, cattle, goats and wild boar.
  9. Humans are known to hunt tigers for their trophy fur.
  10. The female Malayan tiger gives birth to around 5 cubs after a 3-4-month gestation.
  11. The cubs are born blind and are dependent on their mothers for the first 18 months of their lives.
  12. Though they are one of the more numerous tiger species, they are still endangered.
  13. Habitat loss and human hunting have made the Malayan tigers and endangered species today.

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