Kingdom : Animalia
                       Class : Actinopterygii
                    Family : Muraenidae
     Scientific Name : Muraenidae

                         Size : 11 - 400cm (4 - 157in)
            Water Type : Salt
Optimim pH Level : 5 - 7
               Life Span : 10 - 30 years
                    Colour : Grey, Black, Brown,
                                    White, Yellow, Green,
                                     Blue, Orange
               Skin Type : Scales
    Special Features : Sharp teeth and
                                   elongated body
  1. Moorhen are small-sized birds found near water bodies, all around the world.
  2. Distinctively, they have a small, black-feathered body with a pointed, red beak.
  3. There are around 7 species of moorhen found in the world.
  4. They inhabit the areas near large water bodies like marshes, ponds and streams.
  5. However, they are not found in the tropical rainforests or in the polar regions.
  6. They spend most of their time in water and their body has adaptations to help them survive.
  7. They are sociable birds often found in flocks.
  8. They are omnivores. Feeding on insects, water spiders, small invertebrates, berries, fruits, seeds and small rodents and lizards.
  9. Their natural predators are foxes, coyotes, raccoons, dogs, dingoes, wildcats and large reptiles.
  10. The female moorhen lays up to seven eggs in the ground nest that she builds herself.
  11. The eggs are incubated by both the parents and hatch after s few weeks.
  12. The moorhen chicks are looked after and fed by both the parents till they are able to fend for themselves.
  13. Despite, their being hardy and some of the species thriving, a few of the species are vulnerable or endangered.

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