Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Chondrichthyes
                      Family : Squalidae
       Scientific Name : Squalus Acanthias

                           Size : 48 - 160cm 
                                      (19 - 63in)
              Water Type : Salt
Optimum pH Level : 6.5 - 8.5 
                 Life Span : 25 - 80 Years

                     Colour : Grey, Black, 
                                     Brown, White
                Skin Type : Smooth
     Special Features : Lack of anal fin and 
                                    poisonous spines
                                    on back
  1. Spiny dogfish are small-sized sharks that are found in the oceans worldwide.
  2. They are also known as the Thorndog, the Codshark and the Piked Dogfish.
  3. They are one of the most abundant, well-researched and well-known species of shark.
  4. Generally, they inhabit the warm coastal waters but they can also be found hunting in Antarctic waters.
  5. They have a grey-colored body with a light underside and white spots on their back.
  6. Distinctively, they have spikes in front of both their dorsal fins, which are poisonous (mildly).
  7. They are quite aggressive and keep off their predators with their spikes and their relatively big size.
  8. They have huge eyes and a short snout.
  9. They are carnivores, feeding on squid, crustaceans, fish, octopus and other sharks.
  10. They have very few natural predators in larger sharks, killer whales and humans.
  11. The female spiny dogfish produces around 2-15 eggs that hatch inside its body.
  12. The spiny dogfish fry develops inside its mother’s body for nearly two years and then is born as a spiny dogfish pup.
  13. Spiny dogfish is considered a species that is threatened from extinction.


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