Kingdom : Animalia
                        Class : Amphibia
                     Family : Ranidae
      Scientific Name : Rana Temporaria

                     Size(L) : 6cm - 10cm 
                                        ( 2.4in - 4in)
                     Weight : 20g - 80g 
                                        ( 0.7oz - 2.8oz)
                Top Speed : 8km/h (5mph)
                 Life Span : 5 -10 years

                      Colour : Black, Green, 
                                      Grey, Brown
                 Skin Type : Permeable
Distinctive Features : Short back legs 
                                      and webbed toes
  1. The Common Frog is a medium species of frog found throughout the European continent.
  2. They are also found in the Arctic circle.
  3. On an average they grow to be 6cm to 10 cm in length.
  4. They may be green, brown or grey in color with dark blotches running down their back.
  5. They are known to change their skin tone to camouflage with their surroundings.
  6. They have webbed toes and eyes on top of their heads to adapt better to aquatic lifestyle.
  7. During the mating season, the male frogs have a small swelling in one of their toes.
  8. They breed in early spring and mate in calm, shallow pools of water.
  9. The female common frog lays around 2000 eggs.
  10. The eggs float in a sticky cluster called the frogspawn.
  11. The tadpoles are fully aquatic until they metamorphose into frogs, after which they can leave the water
  12. They are carnivores feeding on insects and spiders and occasionally worms and snails.
  13. They have numerous natural predators in foxes, cats, birds, snakes and large fish.

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