Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Mammalia
                       Family : Callitrichidae
        Scientific Name : Saguinus Midas

                       Size(L) : 18cm - 30cm 
                                       (7in - 12in)
                       Weight : 220g - 900g 
                                      (7.7oz - 32oz)
                 Top Speed : 40km/h (24mph)
                  Life Span : 8 - 15 years

                      Colour : Black, Brown, Tan,
                                      Gold, Red
                 Skin Type : Fur
Distinctive Features : Small body size
                                      and long ,thin tail
  1. Red handed tamarins are a species of new-world monkey found along the South American river Amazon.
  2. They are also known as the Golden-Handed Tamarin and the Midas Tamarin.
  3. They get their name from the reddish hair on their feet and hands.
  4. They inhabit the forests and moist woodlands along the Amazon river.
  5. They are excellent climbers and are known to spend most of their time on tree branches and vines.
  6. They are incredible jumpers known to jump from around 60ft above to the ground.
  7. Red handed tamarins are very quick and agile diurnal primates that are active during the day and spend the nights on treetops resting.
  8. They are sociable and live in troops comprising around 4-16 predominantly male members and led by the eldest female.
  9. They are omnivores, feeding on green plants, insects, fruits, small rodents, reptiles, tree sap and eggs.
  10. Their natural predators are wild cats, dogs, birds of prey and snakes.
  11. Humans have posed a great threat to the red handed tamarins by destroying their natural habitat through deforestation.
  12. They breed from April to July and the female red handed tamarin gives birth to one or two infants after a 4-5-month gestation.
  13. The infants are cared for by both parents and also their siblings till they are completely independent.

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