Name : Affenpinscher
                       Origin : Germany
                       Group : Dog

      Average Size (H) : 25cm (10in)
       Average Weight : 3.6kg (8lbs)
   Average Life Span : 12 years
  Average Litter Size : 3

                          Type : Terrier
                      Colour : Black, Grey
          Temperament : Alert and inquisitive
Distinctive Features : Dark wiry-haired 
                                      body and dark eyes
  1. Affenpinschers are believed to be one of the oldest toy dog breeds.
  2. Oftentimes, resembling a terrier, they have long, coarse and wiry fur.
  3. Their protruding lower lip gives them a distinctive “monkey-like” appearance.
  4. Their ancestors are believed to be larger than them, coming in various colors.
  5. Though they resemble terriers, their temperament differs from them.
  6. Affenpinschers are active, loyal, playful, curious and confident.
  7. They aren’t preferred in households with infants as they can get territorial with toys.
  8. Agitated under threat, they show no fear to their aggressors.
  9. Their numbers dwindled during the war.
  10. They were made to breed with other breeds, which lead them to their present appearance.
  11. Affenpinscher puppies are first born blind.
  12. They were initially bred in Germany as household ratters.
  13. They were later imported to the US and became quite popular there.

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