Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Arachnida
                      Family : Theridiidae
       Scientific Name : Latrodectus
                           Size : 1.3cm - 3.8cm 
                                       (0.5in - 1.5in)

   Average Life Span : 3 years
                      Colour : Brown, Black, 
                                       Red, Yellow
                 Skin Type : Shell
Distinctive Features : Sharp fangs and 
                                     shiny black and 
                                      red body
  1. The Black Widow Spiders are a venomous species of spiders found in the Americas.
  2. There are mainly three species -The Northern, The Eastern and The Southern Black Widow Spider.
  3. All of them are quite similar in characteristics but have adapted themselves to their varying habitats differently.
  4. Distinctively, they have sharp fangs and shiny black and red bodies.
  5. They are carnivores mainly feeding on a variety of insects and occasionally on woodlice and arachnids.
  6. Their typically wait for their prey to be trapped in their web before quickly nabbing them.
  7. They hold their prey tight and bite them injecting them with their venom.
  8. Their venom takes around 10 minutes to have its effect, till that time they continue holding them.
  9. After the prey stops moving, they release their digestive enzymes into the prey through the bite wound.
  10. It is then that they take their prey to its retreat and feed on them.
  11. Their venom is extremely potent and is considered to be more dangerous than a Cobra’s venom.
  12. Humans are known to experience muscle aches, nausea and breathing difficulties after the Black widow spider’s bite.
  13. Though it is rare for humans to die from the black widow’s venom, maximum of the spider bite deaths are caused by them.



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