Name : Canaan Dog
      Origin : Israel
          Size : 61cm (24in)

     Weight : 25kg (55lbs)
Life Span : 15 years
     Group : South
  1. Canaan Dogs are medium-large sized dogs belonging to the group of South Dogs.
  2. They are believed to have their origin in Israel.
  3. They grow to an average size of 61cm and weigh around 25kg.
  4. On an average, they live to be around 15 years old.
  5. They are very intelligent dogs, known to be quick at learning.
  6. They also have incredibly strong survival instincts.
  7. Canaan dogs are wary of strangers and are known to alert their owners of any disturbance through barking.
  8. Thus they are an ideal choice for watchdogs.
  9. They get along well with children.
  10. Interestingly, they are not aggressive but defensive.
  11. They tend to get bored of repetitive exercise and need to be kept engaged with various interesting activities.
  12. They may sometimes ignore their master’s command if they are bored and find something else interesting.
  13. They need to be obedience trained from an early age.

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