Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Amphibia
                       Family : Rhinodermatidae
        Scientific Name : Rhinoderma Darwinii

                       Size(L) : 2.5cm - 3.5cm 
                                        (0.9in - 1.4in)
                       Weight : 2g - 5g 
                                        (0.07oz - 0.17oz)
                 Top Speed : 8km/h (5mph) 
                  Life Span : 10 - 15 years

                      Colour : black, green, grey,
                                       brown, tan 
                  Skin type : permeable 
Distinctive Features : small body size and 
                                      leaf-like appearance
  1. Darwin’s Frogs are small frogs native to Chile’s and Argentina’s forest streams.
  2. They are named so because Charles Darwin came across them on his “Voyage of the Beagle”.
  3. Distinctively, they appear like a leaf, a little bit, which helps them camouflage themselves as a dead leaf by staying still.
  4. They are a small, round species of frog with a triangular head and pointed snout.
  5. They front feet do not have webbing to help them move in the forests, though their back feet have some webbing.
  6. They are known to inhabit the beech-tree forests and fields in the cooler parts of South America.
  7. They are best known for the unique way in which they care for their young.
  8. After the female Darwin’s frog lays her eggs, the eggs are guarded by the males for 2 weeks.
  9. After the eggs hatch, the tadpoles are carried by the male in a pouch in his throat till they are able to hop on their own.
  10. Darwin’s frogs are carnivores, feeding on small invertebrates like insects, worms, snails and spiders.
  11. Like other frogs, they feed by sticking out their long sticky tongue to catch their prey.
  12. Their numerous natural predators include small mammals, rodents and birds of prey.
  13. Habitat loss in the form of deforestation has made them a species that is vulnerable from extinction.

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