Size : 2.5cm - 1m (0.9in - 3ft)
 Life Span : 1 - 60 years
     Colour : Black, White, Yellow, 
                     Orange, Silver, Blue, 
                     Green, Red
Skin Type : Scales
  1. Fish are found in water bodies across the globe.
  2. There are many species of fish known and recorded.
  3. They are known to inhabit freshwaters like lakes, rivers and streams.
  4. They are also known to inhabit salt water oceans.
  5. Their color and size differs according to the different species.
  6. Their diet differs according to their size.
  7. The smaller fish feed on plankton in water.
  8. The bigger species feed on insects and smaller fish.
  9. Their special respiratory system includes gills on the sides of their heads which help them breath underwater.
  10. They are known to return to water surface for air at different intervals.
  11. They may be in various colors or combination of colors.
  12. Their colorfulness makes them extremely beautiful to look at.
  13. Many people across the world like to have them as pets in aquariums.

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