Kingdom : Animalia
                      Class : Malacostraca
                   Family : Paguroidea
    Scientific Name : Paguroidea

                        Size : 2 - 10cm (0.8 - 4in)
                   Weight : 200 - 500g (7 - 18oz)
Average Life Span : 1 - 10 years
                   Colour : Green, Red, Blue,
                                    Yellow, Orange, 
                                    Brown, White

              Skin Type : Shell
   Special Features : Long body shape and 
                                  lives in protective shell
  1. Hermit crabs are small crustaceans found in the oceans all around the world.
  2. Though they look like snails, they are somewhat related to crabs but are not true crabs either.
  3. There are around 500 species of crabs in the world.
  4. They inhabit the coastal water with ample food and cover and occasionally venture in deeper.
  5. They have a soft underbody which is protected by a shell that it carries on its back.
  6. The shell does not belong to the hermit crab but belongs to other animals.
  7. Interestingly, they find new shells to accommodate their bodies, as they grow.
  8. They are also known to hide amongst other animals (like sea anemones) for protecting themselves
  9. They are omnivores, feeding on small fish, invertebrates, plankton and other food particles.
  10. Their natural predators are fish, squid, octopus, shark and cuttlefish.
  11. The female hermit crab has a number of eggs attached to her abdomen, in a mass, after mating.
  12. In a few weeks’ time the larvae hatch out into the ocean and quickly molt into adult hermit crabs.
  13. Hermit crabs are a species that is threatened from extinction.

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