Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Mammalia
                  Family : Hyaenidae
   Scientific Name : Crocuta Crocuta

                       Size : 63.5 - 89cm (28 - 35in)
                  Weight : 41- 86kg (90 - 190lbs)
            Top Speed : 60km/h (37mph)
             Life Span : 20 - 25 years

                 Colour : Brown, Black, Tan
            Skin Type : Fur
 Special Features : Long front legs 
                                 and laugh like calls
  1. Hyenas are Dog-like animals native to Africa and Asia.
  2. There are 4 species- The Spotted Hyena, The Striped Hyena, The Brown Hyena and The Aardwolf.
  3. All the species are found mostly in the African Savannah
  4. The spotted Hyenas are also found in the Indian and Western Asian Jungles.
  5. The front legs of Hyenas are longer than their back legs.
  6. They have exceptionally strong jaws for their body size.
  7. They are remarkably intelligent animals.
  8. Most of the species have a striped mane on their neck which stands up while they are frightened.
  9. They are scavengers, eating other animal’s kills rather than hunting for themselves.
  10. They are often considered as irritants by larger carnivores because of the scavenging.
  11. They have a distinctive scream which sounds like cackling laughter.
  12. These screams are audible to other Hyenas at a distance of around 3 miles also.
  13. The hyenas are known to hunt for food in packs.

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