Kingdom : Animalia
                                Class : Mammalia
                             Family : Lemuridae
              Scientific Name : Lemur Catta

                                  Size : 9 - 100cm 
                                            (3.2 - 39in)
                             Weight : 0.03 - 10kg 
                                            (0.06 - 22lbs)
                        Top Speed : 20km/h (12mph)
                         Life Span : 12 - 14 years 

                             Colour : Grey, Brown, 
                                             White, Black
                        Skin Type : Fur
             Special Features : Long body and
                                            tail and large eyes
  1. Lemurs are primates having their nativity in the island of Madagascar.
  2. There are around 10 species of lemur and all are found in the island of Madagascar.
  3. They are small-medium sized primates growing anywhere between 9cm and 100cm.
  4. Their tails are almost as long as their body and they have sharp claws giving them better grip.
  5. They are arboreal animals spending most of their time on trees.
  6. They have round, large, reflective eyes, pointed ears, long tails and are known for their wailing screams.
  7. Lemurs are omnivores, feeding on leaves, nuts, berries, spiders and insects.
  8. They get most of their food from the trees and if required from the forest floors.
  9. Their biggest natural predator is the Fossa followed by wild dogs and hawks.
  10. There are mainly four main types of lemur and around 100 subspecies within them.
  11. Lemurs live in a matriarchal society where females have more control over the group than the males.
  12. They show a very rare form of social structure, where they feed and groom each other and also sleep close to each other.
  13. Lemurs are declining in numbers because of rapid deforestation and preying by Fossa.


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