Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Aves
                       Family : Spheniscidae
        Scientific Name : Aptenodytes Forsteri

                      Size(H) : 40cm - 110cm 
                                       (15.7in - 43in)
                Wing Span : 60cm - 130cm 
                                       (23.6in - 21in)
                       Weight : 1kg - 35kg
                                       (2.2lbs - 75lbs)
                 Top Speed : 65km/h (40mph)

                  Life Span : 20 - 30 years
                      Colour : Black, White, 
                                       Grey, Yellow
                 Skin Type : Feathers
Distinctive Features : Short, sharp beak and 
                                      slight webbed feet
  1. Penguins are found mostly near the cold seas and on rocky land.
  2. They are mostly black and white in color but may also be grey or yellow.
  3. The emperor penguin inhabits the icy continent of Antarctica.
  4. There are around 17 species of penguins found in the world.
  5. Most of the penguins grow up to 1m tall, the fairy penguin only grows to be around 40cm tall.
  6. Distinctively they have a sharp beak and slightly webbed feet which helps them swim.
  7. They stay in large colonies of up to 50,000 penguins.
  8. They are known to spend around 75% of their time hunting in the water.
  9. The Antarctic penguins feed on Krill and squid, whereas the penguins in warmer climate eat fish.
  10. Though they are birds with wings, penguins do not fly.
  11. They have excellent jumping technique, with some of them known to jump up to 2m.
  12. Interestingly, penguins haven’t shown fear towards human explorers in Antarctica.
  13. Their natural predators include leopard seals, sharks and killer whales.
  14. On an average they live to be around 20-30 years old.


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