Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Aves
                  Family : Phasianidae
   Scientific Name : Meleagris

                       Size : 70 - 125cm 
                                  (28 - 49in)
                  Weight : 3 - 11kg 
                                  (6.6 - 24lbs)
           Wing Span : 150 - 180cm 
                                   (59 - 71in)
            Top Speed : 10km/h (6mph)  

             Life Span : 1 - 10 years
                 Colour : Black, White, Brown, 
                                 Yellow, Green, 
                                 Blue, Red                    
           Skin Type : Feathers
Special Features : Long tail feathers and 
                                 red throat of the male
  1. Turkeys are large birds found in the Americas.
  2. They are closely related to pheasants, chicken and quails.
  3. There are two species of turkey- the Wild Turkey and the Ocellated Turkey.
  4. The wild turkey is the heaviest game bird species and found in the forests of North America.
  5. The wild turkey is a large, round looking bird with thin legs and toes.
  6. The male wild turkeys have a red, featherless head with small growths called caruncles on their throat.
  7. The Ocellated turkey is found in south-east Mexico.
  8. The Ocellated turkeys are very similar in appearance to the female peacock with narrow bodies and long legs.
  9. Turkeys are omnivores feeding on nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, insects, small reptiles, amphibians and rodents.
  10. Their natural predators include foxes, snakes, raccoons, wildcats and humans.
  11. The male turkeys are known to make gobbling noises to attract female turkeys.
  12. The female turkey lays around 6 to 12 eggs which hatch after a month long incubation.
  13. Turkey meat is consumed in the western world by humans on special occasions like Christmas and thanksgiving.
  14. Around 250 million turkeys are farmed for this purpose every year in the United States.

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