Name : Afghan Hound
                       Origin : Afghanistan
                       Group : Dog
                          Type : Hound

      Average Size (H) : 68cm (27in)
       Average Weight : 27kg (60lbs)
   Average Life Span : 14 years
Distinctive Features : Long fur and
                                      pointed muzzle
  1. The Afghan Hounds are one of the oldest domestic dog breeds.
  2. They have long, silky fur that cover their body especially their heads.
  3. They are very easily identified by their elongated head and muzzle.
  4. They come in various colors like- black, golden, brown, grey and white.
  5. Interestingly, a white colored face mask is said to indicate poor breeding.
  6. They have high hip bones which makes them exceptionally fast and agile.
  7. Their agility and speed made them very good hunters, in the previous centuries.
  8. Afghan Hounds are dignified, Intelligent, independent, playful and surprisingly very gentle.
  9. In the past, their gentle nature made them reliable and efficient shepherds to the livestock.
  10. Initially bred in Afghanistan deserts, they were domestically bred later and brought to England.
  11. Modern day Afghan hounds are much slower and sometimes display cat-like traits.
  12. Unique and beautiful, they are, not surprisingly, a favorite choice as pets and for shows.
  13. Their unique features help them acclimatize to extreme heat and cold.
  14. With daily care, they can be beautifully maintained.

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