Name : American Bulldog
                      Origin : North America
                      Group : Dog

     Average Size (H) : 63cm (25in)
      Average Weight : 47kg (105lbs)
  Average Life Span : 14 years

                         Type : Mastiff
                     Colour : White, Black, Red,
                                     Brown, Tan, Brindle
           Temperment : Assertive but loyal 
                                     and friendly
Distinctive Feature : Small pedant shaped
                                    ears and strong body
  1. The American Bulldogs are believed to be bred from English Bulldogs.
  2. They are large and powerful dogs belonging to the Mastiff family.
  3. They have small, half pricked ears and a broad, square head.
  4. They have incredibly powerful hind legs which help them jump up to 6 feet high.
  5. White and brindle in color, they are found across the ranches of southern USA.
  6. A powerful and muscular breed, they are great hunters and fight to win against Bulls.
  7. American Bulldogs are courageous, fearless, aggressive, sociable and friendly.
  8. They need a firm and dominant owner and can be loyal and devoted to them
  9. They are known to hunt large carnivores in packs.
  10. There is huge variety within the breed, with small differences in different regions.
  11. Their average lifespan is around 15 years.
  12. The Female American Bulldog gives birth to 6-11 pups per litter.
  13. Though, American Bulldogs were nearly extinct in mid 1900s, they are widely distributed now.
  14. Interestingly, The American Bulldog looks very similar to the American Pit Bull Terrier.

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