Name : American Foxhound
                        Origin : North America
                        Group : Dog
        Average Size(H) : 63cm (25in)

        Average Weight : 29kg (65lbs)
    Average Life Span : 11 years
                       Colour : Black, White, Tan
           Temperament : Sweet, kind and loyal
 Distinctive Features : Long legs and
                                       wide, flat ears
  1. The American Foxhounds are large breed of domestic dogs.
  2. Mostly, they are descendants of English Foxhounds brought to North America by settlers.
  3. They were bred by President George Washington as a combination of English and French Foxhounds.
  4. At an average height of 63cm, they are tall, long, lean and muscular.
  5. They have white, brown, tan or black fur which they shed regularly.
  6. They are known to have incredible speed, stamina and agility.
  7. Though gentle and affectionate, they are also brave and dedicated hunters.
  8. Surprisingly, they aren’t wary of strangers and are rarely aggressive.
  9. They need to be exercised a lot due to their active nature.
  10. American Foxhounds have an extremely keen sense of smell.
  11. They can be very stubborn to follow a scent trail.
  12. Interestingly, their bark is said to be so harmonious that it has appeared in songs.
  13. They are great companions to hunters and farmers.
  14. They have become quite rare due to their low adoption levels.

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