Name : Basset Hound Dog
                     Origin : Great Britain
                     Group : Hound
                    Colour : Tan, White, Red,
                                     Brown, Black

          Average Size : 35cm (14in)
     Average Weight : 27kg (60lbs)
 Average Life Span :  12 years
          Temperment : Gentle, peaceful 
                                     and devoted
  1. Basset hounds are dogs which are native to Great Britain.
  2. They are a breed belonging to the Hound family.
  3. With an average size of 35cm, they weigh around 60 lbs.
  4. They have extremely long ears and are prone to frequent ear infections.
  5. Their droopy eyes and the area just underneath need daily cleaning to avoid eye infections
  6. They may be tan, white, red, brown or black in color.
  7. On an average, they live to be around 12 years old.
  8. The female Basset hound gives birth to 8 puppies per litter.
  9. They are known to be gentle, peaceful and devoted.
  10. They need to be trained in obedience from a very early age due to their stubbornness.
  11. Basset hounds are quite friendly and make great pets for children.
  12. Interestingly, they forget their training when rewards are not present.
  13. They need a lot of exercise and healthy diet to keep them from becoming overweight.
  14. They need to be leashed when out on

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