Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Crustacea
                  Family : Lithodidae
   Scientific Name : Lopholithodes Mandtii

                       Size : 0.6 - 1.8m (1.9 - 5.9ft)
                  Weight : 2 - 8kg (4.4 - 18lbs)
             Top Speed : 11km/h (7mph)
              Life Span : 15 - 30 years

                  Colour : Blue, Red, Orange
             Skin Type : Shell
  Special Features : Large body and legs 
                                 with thick, armoured 
  1. King Crabs are found in the oceans all around the world.
  2. There are around 40 species of king crabs around the world.
  3. They are believed to have the same ancestors as the hermit crabs.
  4. They mainly inhabit the warmer waters of the southern hemisphere.
  5. The Alaskan king crab is an exception and is found in the freezing water near Alaska.
  6. King crabs are best known for their huge size, although only two of the species grow to be really big.
  7. The Red King crab is one of the largest species of crab in the world, with a leg span going up to 1.8m
  8. The blue king crabs are also quite big and are known to weigh around 8kg.
  9. King crabs are considered to be a delicacy in many places due to the taste of their flesh and huge size.
  10. They are hunted throughout the year, with the red crab being the most readily available and in demand.
  11. The king crabs inhabit the cold coastal waters near coral reefs and rocky areas where they get plenty of food and cover.
  12. They are carnivores, preying on plankton, sea urchins, molluscs and small fish.
  13. Their natural predators apart from humans are the octopus and larger species of fish
  14. Due to excessive harvesting by humans, king crabs are a threatened species today.

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